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Perform a Custom Migration
1. On the machine that hosts the new Infrastructure Data Collector, open a command window or shell, go to the new_Software AG_directory/Infrastructuredc/bin/migrate directory and run the command migrate.{bat|sh}.
2. The utility asks for the full path to the Software AG directory that contains the old Infrastructure Data Collector installation or the ZIP file you made earlier.
3. The utility asks whether to import migration settings. Enter N.
4. The utility asks whether to migrate SNMP asset configuration files. If you respond Y, the migration utility will migrate the old files you identified in the file.
5. The utility asks whether to export your settings. If you want to perform other migrations by importing the settings from this session, enter Y. If not, enter N.
6. The utility asks whether to begin migration. If you enter Y, the utility migrates the data you selected.
If you chose to migrate asset configuration files, and a file that has the same name as an old file already exists in the new Infrastructure Data Collector installation, the utility backs up the new file to the new_Software AG_directory/infrastructuredc/migrationbackup directory before migrating the old file. The same is true for all migrated directories and files.
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