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Initialize a My webMethods Server Instance
The initializing process might take several hours.
1. Initialize the new My webMethods Server server instance by going to the new_Software AG_directory/MWS/bin directory and running this command:
mws.{bat|sh} -s instance init
The new components are deployed, and then the instance shuts down automatically. Restart the instance.
2. If the old and new My webMethods Server installations are on different machines, verify the host name for the new installation as follows:
a. Log on to one of the new My webMethods Server instances as Administrator and go to the Administration > My webMethods> Cluster Settings > Advanced Web and Cluster Configuration for MWS page.
b. If the host name is not correct in the Host and MWS Front End URL field, update the host name.
c. Go to the Cluster Status and Control page and restart the instance.
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