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Set Up Repository When Using Any Other Database
If you used MySQL, Oracle, PostGres, or SQL Server for your old repository, follow the instructions below.
1. Go to the old_Software AG_directory/{Presto|MashZoneNG}/apache-tomee-jaxrs/lib directory and copy the JDBC driver jar file for your database to the new_Software AG_directory/MashZoneNG/apache-tomcat/lib directory.
JDBC Driver Jar File
SQL Server
2. If you used MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server for the old product, do the following:
a. Go to the new_Software AG_directory/{Presto|MashZoneNG}/apache-tomcat/webapps/mashzone/WEB-INF/lib directory and delete the jackbe-presto-rds-postgre-derby-10.1.jar file.
b. Go to the new_Software AG_directory/{Presto|MashZoneNG}/prestorepository directory and copy the jackbe-presto-rds-oracle-mysql-mssql-10.1.jar file to the new_Software AG_directory/MashZoneNG/apache-tomcat/webapps/mashzone/WEB-INF/lib directory.
3. Configure the new MashZone NextGen to use the existing repository. For instructions, see MashZone NextGen Administration Guide, and then see the section on getting started with MashZone NextGen, and then see the section on moving the MashZone NextGen repositories to a robust database solution. Skip steps 1 through 4, and start with step 5.
In MashZone NextGen 10.0 and earlier, repository connection information was defined in the apache-tomee-jaxrs/conf/tomee.xml file. In MashZone NextGen 10.1, repository connection information was moved to the apache-tomcat/conf/context.xml file and the format has changed.
4. Execute database update SQL commands for 10.1. Use a SQL client that is connected to your mashzonenextgenrepository. If you need help, contact Software AG Global Support.
a. Go to the new_SoftwareAG_directory/MashZoneNG/upgrade/10.1 directory and open the appropriate database_type.xml file in a text editor.
b. Read the instructions in the file and modify SQL statements that remove existing constraints as necessary.
c. Execute the SQL statements in the file one by one.
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