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3.9 Upgrade: Copy Integrated MashZone Data and Run Upgrade Commands
1. If you used the Integrated MashZone Feed Editor in Presto 3.9, and you uploaded files or JDBC drivers for use in the Feed Editor, you must copy the files and drivers to the new MashZone NextGen installation.
a. Go to the old_Software AG_directory/Presto/mashzone/data/resources directory and copy the files to the new_Software AG_directory/MashZoneNG/mashzone/data/resources directory.
b. Go to the old_Software AG_directory/Presto/mashzone/data/jdbcdrivers directory and copy the files to the new_Software AG_directory/MashZoneNG/mashzone/data/jdbcdrivers directory.
c. Start the new MashZone NextGen server and go to the Admin Console in MashZone NextGen Hub. Expand the File Resources section and click the File Resources link. If any paths point to resource directories in the old installation, copy those directories to the new installation and then update the paths to point to the copied directories.
2. Open a browser and enter the URL server-IP_address:port/mashzone/hub/dev/.
3. Log on as administrator. The default user name and password are Administrator\manage.
4. Go to the API Console.
5. Under the Pick an API frame in the left navigation area, expand PolicyService then select reloadPermissionSets.
6. Click Run in the upper right corner. MashZone NextGen executes the reloadPermissionSets API call, which populates the Request frame.
7. Copy RAQL user-defined functions deployed in Presto 3.9 to the new MashZone NextGen. Go to the old_Software AG_directory/Presto/raql-udfs directory and recursively copy all files other than the SampleRaqlLib file to the new_Software AG_directory/MashZoneNG/raql-udfs directory.
8. Upgrade the JDBC configuration. For instructions, see the MashZone NextGen User and Developer Guide.
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