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Before Migrating
1. If you are upgrading an Integration Server cluster, read Integration Server or Microservices Container Clustering Requirements.
2. If you are upgrading an Integration Server that hosts Deployer, follow the instructions in Migrate the Asset Build Environment, Deployer, and Application Platform.
3. If the new and old Integration Servers are on the same machine, make sure the old Integration Server is shut down.
4. The migration utility will scan the old installation for custom packages. However, it will not find custom packages whose names start with Wm, as this naming convention is used for packages provided by Software AG. If you have custom packages whose names start with Wm, and you want to migrate them, go to the new_Software AG_directory/IntegrationServer/bin/migrate directory, open the packages.cnf file, and add a <value name><\value> tag that identifies those custom packages (for example, <value name="WmFINMessages">WmFINMessages</value>).
To simplify future upgrades, and as a general best practice, do not use the naming convention Wm name for custom packages.
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