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This guide refers to different types of packages for Integration Server, as follows:
*Custom packages. These include Integration Server packages created by users in Software AG Designer and business process runtime packages generated by users from Software AG Designer.
*Hosted packages. These are packages provided by Software AG on the Software AG Installer, where they are listed under Integration Server on the product selection tree. On the tree, they are listed using their product names. However, in the file system and within Integration Server, they are listed under their package names, and those names start with Wm. For this reason they are also called Wm packages.
Examples of hosted Wm packages are ActiveTransfer (WmMFT), Process Engine (WmPRT), Trading Networks (WmTN), adapters, and eStandards Modules.
When you installed the new Integration Server, the Software AG Installer created a server instance and copied all Wm packages and language packs you selected on the product selection tree into a package repository. The installer let you choose whether to install the selected Wm packages on the instance. (The installer always installs the language packs you selected on the instance.)
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