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Migrate CloudStreams Artifacts in Custom Packages
1. Set the Integration Server property watt.server.http.listRequestVars.
a. Open Integration Server Administrator and point to the new Integration Server.
b. Go to the Settings > Extended > Show and Hide Keys page.
c. Select the check box for the watt.server.http.listRequestVars property and click Save Changes.
d. Click Edit Extended Settings and set watt.server.http.listRequestVars=asNeeded.
2. Back up any custom packages that contain CloudStreams artifacts, and then run the public service pub.cloudstreams.migration:migrate, which is available in the WmCloudStreams package. The service migrates old CloudStreams artifacts in custom packages that depend on the WmCloudStreams package and updates them to be compatible with the new CloudStreams. Artifacts include SOAP and REST connector services and connections. The utility logs the results of migration to the Integration Server server log.
The input signature for the service is as follows:
Boolean string. Optional. Set to:
*true to migrate CloudStreams artifacts from all custom packages that are dependent on WmCloudStreams.
*false to migrate CloudStreams artifacts from only custom packages specified on the packages parameter. This is the default.
Object. String array containing the names of custom packages to migrate. You must specify at least one package name.
The output signature of the service is a parameter named Result that consists of an array of iData records. The array contains a record for each custom package specified in the input signature. The fields in each record are as follows:
String. Name of the custom package.
String. Value that indicates whether migration succeeded (true) or failed (false).
String. Information about the migration, such as number of CloudStreams artifacts found in the package and number of CloudStreams artifacts that were successfully migrated.
Object. Optional. If the service issued info messages during the migration, string array of the messages.
Object. Optional. If the service issued errors during the migration, string array of the errors.
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