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Complete the ActiveTransfer Upgrade
For instructions and details on all steps below, see Managing File Transfers with webMethods ActiveTransfer.
1. Make sure that port values, host names and IP addresses, and local and remote file paths in event file operations and the virtual file system (VFS) are correct for the new ActiveTransfer installation.
When you start ActiveTransfer later, it will modify port names to comply with Command Central standards. If ActiveTransfer finds duplicate port names, it will add an underscore and a unique number to each name. If a port name has a white space, it will replace that white space with an underscore.
2. If you used custom keystore files in the old ActiveTransfer installation, make sure they are available and accessible in the location specified in the new installation.
3. If you used the file sharing feature in the old ActiveTransfer installation, the default shared file location is the old_Software AG_directory/IntegrationServer/instances/instance/packages/WmMFT/resources/ TempAccounts directory. Software AG recommends that you use a non-default shared file location in the new installation, as follows:
a. Go to the old_Software AG_directory/IntegrationServer/instances/instance/packages/WmMFT/config directory and open the properties.cnf file.
b. On the property mft.sharing.account.tempdir, specify the full path to any local or shared directory. Use only forward slashes in the path (for example, D:/activetransfer/sharedcontent/).
c. If you want to keep using the file share information from the old installation, copy the contents of the old default shared location to the new shared location.
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