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Complete Final Upgrade Tasks for All Products
*Before performing any task in this chapter, read all chapters that precede this chapter carefully and complete all tasks that apply to your products in the order in which they are presented in those chapters.
*Configure your new products. For instructions, see the product documentation for the new release.
*If you installed your new products on a different machine than your old products, make sure to update host names in your new products, in the connections between your products, and in your database tables. This guide indicates many locations in which to update host names, but make sure you also specify the correct host names when you configure your new products using the instructions in the product documentation. Also make sure any absolute paths in the new configuration files point to valid locations, or change them to be correct for the new machine. If the machine has a different operating system or hardware, make sure your JVM settings are correct.
*Read the product readmes for the new release, including the readme for the Software AG Infrastructure. All readmes are available on the Software AG Documentation website. The product readmes contain this information:
*Critical information and known and resolved issues for your products.
*Changes to product behavior, services, parameters, properties, and APIs. Such changes can include additions, changes, deprecations, and removals. This information is especially important because you might need to modify product files or assets after migration to accommodate the changes.
Read the information in product readmes for your old release+1 through the new release. For example, if you are upgrading from 9.5 to 10.1, read the information for releases 9.6 through 10.1.
*After installation, you might have set Windows services for products to Manual, and disabled scripts that start UNIX daemons, to avoid automatically starting both old and new products. When your new environment is ready, after you stop running the old products and when you want to start running the new ones, you can reset the Windows services to Automatic, and re-enable the UNIX scripts.
*After you have thoroughly tested your new environment, you can reclaim disk space by deleting ZIP files and files extracted from ZIP files from new machines, or by uninstalling products from old machines. To uninstall old products, you must use the Software AG Uninstaller for the old release.
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