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Migrate CloudStreams Server Definitions and Projects
1. Start the new Software AG Designer.
2. Import CloudStreams Server definitions as follows:
a. Go to the CloudStreams Development perspective, then go to Window > Preferences. On the Preferences dialog box, in the left navigation bar, go to Software AG > CloudStreams Servers.
b. Click Import, select the .properties file you exported, and click Open. Software AG Designer asks whether to overwrite existing servers. Click OK, and then click OK again to close the Preferences dialog box.
3. Import CloudStreams Governance projects as follows:
a. Go to the File > Import wizard. In the Select panel, go to Software AG > CloudStreams Governance Project and then click Next.
b. In the Import CloudStreams Governance Project panel, specify the directory that contains the projects you exported in the Select Root Directory field. In the Projects box, select the projects to import.
c. Select Copy projects into workspace and then click Finish.
d. In the CloudStreams Development perspective, make sure all imported governance projects appear in the CloudStreams Governance tab.
4. Repeat the previous step to import CloudStreams Provider projects.
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