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Migrate Task Application Projects
1. In the new Software AG Designer, go to Window > Preferences > Server > Runtime Environments. If the Installed server runtimes list does not include a My webMethods Server from the new release, add one.
2. Go to Software AG > Task Development. In the preferences window, make sure all your other task-related Software AG Designer preferences are correct, and then click OK.
3. Go to the File > Import wizard.
a. In the Select panel, go to Software AG > Existing CAF Projects into Workspace and then click Next.
b. In the Import Projects panel, click Select Root Directory and go to the workspace or source control system that contains your task application projects, or click Select Archive File and go to the directory that contains your task application projects. In the Projects box, select the projects to import.
c. Select Copy projects into workspace and then click Finish.
4. Make sure all imported task application projects appear in the Solutions tab, under the Tasks node.
5. If errors appear in the Problems tab, click the Navigator tab. Right-click each task application project, click CAF Tools, and click Repair CAF Project. If errors still appear, restart Software AG Designer.
6. Publish the migrated task application projects to a My webMethods Server from the new release. For instructions, see webMethods BPM Task Development Help.
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