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Before Migrating
1. Open the new Software AG Designer and point to a new workspace. For example, you can accept the default workspacerelease (for example, workspace912)
2. Install any third-party features you need (for example, support for Subversion). The Eclipse release installed with the new Software AG Designer is Eclipse 4.6.3, so make sure any features you add are compatible with that Eclipse release.
3. If you exported your preferences before upgrading, import them as follows:
a. Go to the File > Import wizard. In the Select panel, go to General > Preferences and click Next. In the From preference file field, specify the .epf file to which you exported your preferences. Click Finish.
b. Go to Window > Preferences. In the preferences window, go to the Java > Installed JREs > Execution Environments page, if multiple JREs are listed, make sure JRE 1.8 is selected as the default, or remove older JREs from the list. Also update settings that point to old product installations to point to new product installations instead. For example, for My webMethods Server, update the Server > Runtime Environments settings. For Application Platform, update the path to the runtime instance, then review the messages on the Error tab to see whether any other paths need to be updated.
c. Restart Software AG Designer.
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