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Migrate Deployer
Steps for Microservices Container are identical to those for Integration Server.
1. Make sure you have upgraded all source and target product servers that were defined in the old Deployer to the new release, and have migrated all product data and assets to the new release, as instructed in the product-specific chapters earlier in this guide.
Migrating Deployer projects does not convert the product assets in those projects from their old release to the new release. The assets must be migrated as instructed earlier in this guide.
2. Start the old host Integration Server. In the old Deployer, edit all connections to old source and target product servers to point to the new source and target product servers. You do not have to supply user names and passwords if you do not know them. For instructions, see webMethods Deployer User’s Guide.
3. If you installed the new Deployer on the same machine as the old Deployer, you might want the new Deployer to use the ports that were used by the old Deployer. If so, do the following:
a. In the old Integration Server Administrator, point to the Integration Server that hosts the old Deployer and go to the Security > Ports page.
b. Click Add Port, click webMethods\HTTP, and click Submit. Enter the port details, click Yes for Enable, click WmRoot under the package name, and click Save Changes.
c. Click Change Primary Port, click the new port, and click Update.
d. In the Access Mode column of the new port, click Edit. In the Edit Access Mode page for the port, click Set Access Mode to Allow by Default. Click OK on the warning pop-up. The message Successfully changed access mode for Port Service Access Settings appears.
e. Disable the old port by clicking Yes in the Enabled column for that port.
4. Migrate Deployer settings, server aliases, target groups, and projects using the instructions in Migrate Integration Server, Microservices Container, and Hosted Wm Packages.
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