Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products : Upgrading Software AG Products : Migrate API Gateway, API Portal, and CentraSite : 10.0 Upgrade: Migrate API Gateway
10.0 Upgrade: Migrate API Gateway
1. If the new and old API Gateway are on the same machine, make sure the old API Gateway (and its host Integration Server) are shut down.
2. If you used custom keystore files in the old API Gateway installation, copy the files to the same location in the new installation.
3. Start the new API Gateway, log on, make sure the API Gateway Event Data Store is also started, and then shut down API Gateway.
4. Start the new Event Data Store by starting the service Software AG Event Data Store 10.1 or by opening a command window or shell, going to the new_Software AG_directory/EventDataStore/bin directory, and running the command startup.bat
5. Go to the new_Software AG_directory/IntegrationServer/instances/instance_created_during_installation/packages/WmAPIGateway/migration directory, open the MigrationHandlers.xml file, and list the API Gateway handlers you want to migrate, separated by commas.
6. Open a command window or shell, go to the new_Software AG_directory/IntegrationServer/instances/instance_created_during _installation/packages/WmAPIGateway/migration directory, and run the command below.
–instance_name name_of_backup_API Gateway_instance
-isbackup full_path_to_backup_ZIP_file
-edsbackup full_path_to_backup_API Gateway_instance_name_directory
-backupFileName name_of_backup_Event_Data_Store_snapshot
When migration completes, the migration utility generates a migration.log and a report in the new_SoftwareAG_directory/IntegrationServer/instances/instance/packages/WmAPIGateway/migration directory.
7. Shut down Event Data Store, then restart API Gateway and Event Data Store.
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