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Supply Product Configuration Information
Repository ID
OneData provides a repository in which to store your master data. Provide an ID for the repository (for example, DevRepo). The ID will be used internally in OneData.
Repository name
Provide a name for the repository (for example, OneData Development Repository). The name will appear in the OneData user interface.
Connection Prefix
OneData has three storage areas - Metadata, Work Area, and Release Area. The prefix you specify will be added to the schema connection names (that is, prefix_md, prefix_wa, and prefix_ra). If you override the default value for this field, you will have to edit the database connections for the Work Area and Release Area after you start OneData (see the OneData documentation).
The URL you specify must include the option catalogOptions=1 so that OneData can retrieve database metadata information for various operations (for example, jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=XE;catalogOptions=1)
Database user and Password
Provide a different database user and password for each of the three schemas.
Schema name
You must specify schema names if you use a SQL Server RDBMS.
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