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License file
Full path to the EntireX license file.
If you are also installing NaturalONE, EntireX uses the NaturalONE license file.
Default EntireX Broker TCP/IP and SSL ports, and Autostart
When you install EntireX Broker:
*TCP/IP and SSL ports to use for the Broker.
*Whether the installer should start the default Broker after installation and turn on the Autostart option so the Broker will start automatically whenever you start your system.
Application Monitoring Data Collector port and Autostart
*Port to use for the Application Monitoring Data Collector.
*Whether the installer should start the Data Collector automatically after installation and whenever you start your system.
EntireX Broker Administration Service TCP/IP and SSL ports
When you install EntireX Broker, TCP/IP and SSL ports to use to administer the Broker from Command Central.
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