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Register Daemons and Set File Permissions
If you installed the EntireX Broker on a UNIX system and did not use sudo:
1. The installer was not able to register daemons and set file permissions for EntireX Broker. Perform this task now by executing the script Software AG_directory /bin/ as a user who is in the sudoers configuration.
You must run this script or some products might not work correctly.
2. Restart the EntireX Broker Admin Service. To do so, run the command /etc/init.d/sagnumberexxrelease_number restart, where number matches the number in the sagexx script in your Software AG_directory /EntireX/bin directory.
3. During installation, you might have told the installer to enable autostart so the EntireX Broker would start automatically whenever you start your system. However, since you did not use sudo to install, the installer could not actually enable autostart. If you want to enable autostart, see the section on administering EntireX Broker in the Software AG Command Central Help.
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