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Software Requirements and Considerations
*On Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX systems, Software AG offers 64-bit and 32-bit (LP32 Object Code) versions of the webMethods Broker C API. If you select the C API for installation, the installer installs both versions, in the Software AG_directory /Broker/lib and /lib32 directories, respectively.
*If you are going to install on a Solaris 11 system, install the system/xopen/xcu4 package.
*If you are going to install on a Linux system, the library must be present to support the security infrastructure. If you do not see the file in the /usr/lib64 directory for Linux x86_64, install the rpm package glibc-devel.
*If you are going to install on a Linux x86_64 system, install the rpm package compat-libstdc++ from your operating system distribution using the vendor instructions.
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