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Typical Development Installations
The Software AG Installer offers typical development installations of products that enable you to perform a certain task. When you select a typical development installation, the installer automatically selects all products you have licensed that make up that installation. You can select more products or deselect products if desired. For detailed information on how the products in each typical development installation work together, see Understanding Software AG Products.
For some typical development installations, you must create certain database components. A database component is a grouping of database objects that is used by one or more products. The table below lists these database components. For complete information about each database component, see Creating and Dropping Database Components.
To create production environments, work with your administrators, Software AG Global Consulting Services, and best practices documentation.
Typical Installation
Database Components
ActiveTransfer, all for Integration Server, all for My webMethods Server
Application Integration Development
All for Integration Server, all for My webMethods Server, all for Trading Networks
Application Platform Development
All for Integration Server, all for My webMethods Server
CloudStreams Service Development
CloudStreamsEvents, all for Integration Server
Composite Application Development
All for My webMethods Server
Dynamic Apps Platform
All for Integration Server, BPM, My webMethods Server, and Optimize; optionally, Staging and Reporting
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