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Software Requirements and Considerations
*To build samples and develop Apama applications using Apama APIs, you might need to install additional compilers. For details, see the Apama documentation.
*To build samples and develop applications on supported Linux platforms using the C/C++ API, install the GCC-C++ package and all its dependencies. These are typically provided on the installation media as part of your operating system distribution.
*Apama does not support Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux). If you are going to install on a Linux system, turn off this option.
*If you are going to use the compiled Apama runtime, install the binutils package. For information about the compiled runtime, see the Apama documentation about starting the event correlator.
*The file system to which the correlator writes its log files and persistence database can significantly affect the performance of latency-critical applications. File systems such as ext3, ext4, NFS, ZFS and GFS2 can have poor worst-case latency, especially when the system is loaded. For latency-critical applications, Software AG recommends using XFS where possible.
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