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Uninstall Products
Follow the instructions in Using the Software AG Installer, with the additional guidelines below.
If you are going to uninstall Software AG Designer Eclipse, and you want to review or preserve Eclipse installation information, do so before starting the uninstaller, because the uninstaller will delete the entire Software AG Designer installation directory. User-created data that is stored in other directories, such as your workspace, will remain untouched.
If you are going to uninstall ARIS PPM, the Cloud Agent will be uninstalled automatically from Windows systems. From Linux systems, you must uninstall the Cloud Agent daemon manually. After shutting down all products and before starting the uninstaller, go to the Software AG_directory /ppm/server/bin directory and run this scripts with sudo or root privileges:
./ remove
If you are going to uninstall from a Mac OS or other UNIX system, and you used sudo to register daemons and set file permissions during or after installation, you must also use sudo to unregister daemons and remove file permissions, as follows:
*If you are not going to use an uninstallation script to uninstall, you can choose the uninstaller option to perform this task, or you can perform this task before starting the uninstaller by executing the script Software AG_directory /bin/ as a user who is in the sudoers configuration.
*If you are going to use an uninstallation script, the uninstaller cannot execute the script because it does not store the sudo password, for security reasons. You must execute the script yourself before starting the uninstaller.
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