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Start the Installer, Provide General Information, and Choose the Products to Install
As you go through the Software AG Installer, you will be asked for various types of information, such as product license files and database connection parameters. Gather this information before starting the installer.
Read the requirements in Using the Software AG Installer (for example, the requirement to create a user account that has the proper privileges for Windows and that is non-root for UNIX). Follow the instructions in that guide to start the installer and provide general information such as proxy server, release to install, installation directory, and how to use the product selection tree.
When you install on a UNIX system, the installer might ask whether to use sudo and related scripts. If you want to have the installer run the script, the user under which you run the installer must be in the sudoers configuration. If you are creating or installing from an installation script, the option to use sudo is not available because the installer does not store the sudo password in scripts, for security reasons. Instead you will perform certain tasks after installation as described later in this chapter.
Unless otherwise stated for a specific product, do not install products from this release into a Software AG directory that contains products from any other release. Unless otherwise stated for a specific product, you cannot mix products from different releases in the same installation directory; if you do so, you will experience problems or be unable to access functionality.
If you are installing MashZone NextGen or ARIS PPM on a Windows system, you must install using the Windows Administrator user account. To do so, instead of double-clicking the installer .exe file to start the installer, right-click the .exe file and click Run as administrator. Other user accounts do not work, even if they were assigned administrator privileges.
If you are installing on a Windows system and you want to install CentraSite Application Server Tier and Zementis Predictive Analytics Integrated Server in the same installation directory, you must install the two products in two separate runs of the installer.
On the product selection tree, choose the products to install. If you are installing Optimize, you also need a package called Optimize Support that provides data about business processes and KPIs to Optimize. You can install this package on Integration Server or Microservices Container. If you install the package on Microservices Container, data is provided for unorchestrated business processes only. Data is not provided for orchestrated business processes or events.
After the product selection tree, the installer displays the language pack selection tree. For information on language packs, see the international operating environments appendix in this guide. The installer then displays panels (GUI mode) or prompts (console mode) that ask for product configuration information. Most are self-explanatory, so this section shows only the panels that require explanation. The information and fields on the prompts is identical to the information and fields on the panels.
Make sure all ports you specify on panels or in response to prompts are not already being used by other products on your machine. The installer cannot detect whether ports are in use when products are shut down, and the shutting down of products is a requirement for running the installer. See the list of default ports used by Software AG products.
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