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Uninstall Fixes
1. Start Update Manager with the appropriate parameters (see Starting Update Manager ).
2. In the Action list, select Fix Management and then select Uninstall fixes.
3. If you want to create a script, select Also create script. For Script file name, specify the full path to the file in which to save the new script. The directory that will contain the script must exist, and no part of the path or file name can include a space. You can specify any name for the file. You do not have to supply an extension; Update Manager will automatically add the extension .txt.
4. For Product directory, specify the full path to the product installation directory.
5. Select Next. Update Manager displays all installed fixes.
6. Select the fixes to uninstall and then select Next.
You cannot uninstall fixes that are shown as disabled or uninstallable on the fix selection tree.
If the fixes you selected are not required by other installed fixes, Update Manager lists the fixes you selected.
If the fixes you selected are required by other installed fixes, Update Manager displays a message to that effect. You must either unselect the required fixes or keep the required fix selections and also select all fixes that depend on the required fixes.
7. When you are done reviewing the list, select Next.
8. Depending on the products you are working with, the Update Manager might ask for product connection values. The Update Manager needs the connection values to shut down and act on the indicated products.
If multiple instances of a product exist on the machine, make sure the connection values you supply identify the instance that is in the specified product installation directory.
9. Select Next. Update Manager uninstalls the fixes, and then displays the uninstallation complete panel.
10. Restart the products from which you uninstalled fixes.
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