Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products : Using the Software AG Update Manager : Installing Fixes : Create or Add to a Fix Image : Create or Add to a Fix Image Based on Empower
Create or Add to a Fix Image Based on Empower
1. Start Update Manager with the appropriate parameters (see Starting Update Manager ).
2. Select Choose from: All licensed products.
3. Provide your Empower user name and Password.
4. Select Next. Update Manager displays the fix selection tree. The tree shows the full list of available fixes on Empower for all products you have licensed from Software AG. If you are adding to an existing image, the tree shows the fixes that are already in the image, selected.
5. Select the fixes to add to the image and select Next. Update Manager lists the fixes you selected. If there are other fixes that are related to and required by the fixes you selected, Update Manager lists those fixes as well.
6. Select Next. Update Manager downloads the fixes into the image.
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