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Install Latest Fixes on New Products
The instructions in Installing Software AG Products include installing the latest fixes on your new products.
*Install the latest product fixes on all new products except the infrastructure components named Common Platform and Security Infrastructure and the database scripts. You will apply those fixes later in the procedure.
When you installed My webMethods Server, you did not create an instance. The fix was therefore copied to the My webMethods Server installation and gets deployed after you migrate the old server instances later in this guide, when you initialize My webMethods Server.
*For some products, fixes relating to migration are separate from product fixes. Install the latest migration fixes on all new products, including Common Platform and Security Infrastructure. Fix names for these products typically include the letters OSGI and SIN, respectively.
*Install the latest migration framework fix. Fix names for the migration framework follow the convention MIG_release_MigrationFramework_Fixnumber and are listed under Common Library.
For instructions on installing fixes, see Using the Software AG Update Manager and the fix readme files.
If your upgrade procedure take days or weeks to complete, continue to check for and install new fixes regularly during the procedure.
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