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Migrate Database Components
After you migrate database components to the new release, you can no longer use them with your old environment.
On the machine on which you installed the new Database Configuration, open a command window or shell, go to the new_Software AG_directory/common/db/bin directory, and migrate database components by running the command below. For values for product, see the table below.
dbConfigurator.{bat|sh} -a migrate -d {oracle|sqlserver|db2luw} product
-v latest -l db_server_URL -u existing_db_user -p password
After you run each command, check the log file dcc_yyyymmddhhmmss in the new_Software AG_directory/common/db/logs directory.
If you are using an Oracle or DB2 RDBMS, and you are not using the default tablespace, also specify the -tsdata data_tspace_name and -tsindex index_tspace_name parameters.
On an AIX system, enclose the values “ db_server_URL ”, ” existing_db_user ”, and “ password ” in quotation marks.
If you are upgrading...
Values for product...
Integration Server or Microservices Container
-pr IS
Migrate the Integration Server or Microservices Container database components before migrating other database components.
ActiveTransfer Server
-c ActiveTransfer
API Gateway
-c APIGatewayEvents
Business process runtime data and Business Rules
-pr BPM
Archive, Staging, or Reporting database components
-c {Archive|Staging|Reporting}
-c MediatorEvents
My webMethods Server
-pr MWS
-c {OneDataMetadata|OneDataReleaseArea|OneDataWorkArea}
Trading Networks
-pr TN
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