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Shut Down the Old Products
For most products, see the instructions in the table below to shut down on a Windows system. On a UNIX system, use the instructions in the product documentation for your old release.
Running as...
Shut down from...
Windows Services window. Services are listed as Software AG product release.
Windows Start menu. Applications are listed as Software AG > Stop Servers > product .
For the products below, follow these instructions.
Shut Down Instructions
API Portal
If the old and new API Portal are on the same machine:
*Run this command in the old API Portal Cloud Controller:
acc> stopall
*Stop the cloud agent by going to the old_Software AG_directory/API_Portal/server/bin directory and running this command:
CloudAgentApp.{bat|sh} stop
If the old and new CentraSite are on the same machine, shut down all old Application Server Tiers by stopping the Software AG Runtime services, then shut down the old Registry Repository by stopping its service.
Shut down EntireX as instructed in the previous table, then shut down all Brokers, RPC Servers, and customer applications that use EntireX libraries. For instructions, see the product documentation for your old release.
Mobile Administrator
Run this command:
/etc/init.d/appfresh-mobile stop
Shut down all non-webMethods clients.
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