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9.5 Upgrade: Suspend Triggers and Make Sure Queues are Drained
1. Quiesce Integration Server. Specify at least 1 minute for the quiesce to occur, so Integration Server has time to stop executing new incoming requests and to finish executing in-flight services. For instructions and details about specific actions that occur when Integration Server is quiesced, see webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide.
2. Go to the Settings > Messaging > webMethods Trigger Management page. If the Current Queue Counts field does not show 0 for every trigger, diagnose and fix the problem (for example, the JMS provider might not be active or might be slow to process requests from Integration Server). Refresh the page until the Current Queue Counts field shows 0 for every trigger.
3. Go to the Settings > Resources > Store Settings page. In the Outbound Document Store area, make sure the Current Documents in Outbound Store field shows 0.
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