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Prepare the Old CentraSite
1. If you changed settings for CentraSite Control from their defaults, note those settings so you can make the same changes in the new CentraSite installation.
2. If the new and old CentraSites are on the same machine, make sure the old CentraSite is shut down.
3. Export configuration data from the old CentraSite and assets from the old Registry Repository into a ZIP file. On the old machine, open a command window or shell, go to the old_Software AG_directory/CentraSite/utilities directory, and run the appropriate command below.
sbsExport.cmd full_path_to_ZIP_file
UNIX full_path_to_ZIP_file
An example of this command for UNIX is as follows:
./ /tmp/
4. If the old and new CentraSite installations are on different machines, copy the ZIP file to any directory on the machine that hosts the new CentraSite.
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