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10.0 Upgrade: Prepare the Old API Gateway
In this section you will do the following:
*Back up the Event Data Store.
*Create a snapshot of the Event Data Store, and create backups of the configurations for the old Integration Server that hosts API Gateway and for one API Gateway instance. You can migrate only one API Gateway instance.
1. Specify the location in which to store a backup of the data in the old Event Data Store. Go to the old_Software AG_directory/instances/instance/packages/WmAPIGateway/cli/bin directory and run the command below. The -path directory must exist and you must have write permissions to it. By default, -tenantName uses the API Gateway host Integration Server and the instance name "default."
apigatewayUtil.[bat|sh] configure fs_path
-path full_path_to_dir_for_Event_Data_Store_backup_output
[-tenant API_Gateway_instance] -debug true
2. Restart the old API Gateway.
3. Open a command window or shell and go to the old_Software AG_directory/IntegrationServer/instances/instance/packages/WmAPIGateway/cli/bin directory, where instance is the API Gateway instance you want to migrate. Then run the command below.
-backupDestinationDirectory full_path_to_directory_for_backup_output
[-backupFileName name_for_backup_output]
Must exist, must be different from the -path directory from step 1, and you must have write permissions to it.
Cannot contain spaces or a file name extension. Default is
The command creates the following in -backupDestinationDirectory:
*File named This ZIP file contains the backup of host Integration Server and API Gateway configurations.
*Directory named API Gateway_instance. This directory contains the snapshot of the Event Data Store, named -backupFileName.
4. If the old and new API Gateway installations are on different machines, copy the API Gateway_instance directory and the ZIP file to the new machine.
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