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Software AG Designer Language Packs
By default, the language that Software AG Designer uses depends on your JRE default locale, which in turn depends on your operating system locale setting. If the operating system locale is not set to the language you want to use, you can override the setting for Software AG Designer by starting Software AG Designer with the -nl option. For example, open a command window and enter eclipse.exe -nl ja_JP.
Software AG Designer is based on the Eclipse platform and its projects. Software AG language packs do not include language packs for plug-ins provided by Eclipse projects. If you need language packs for those plug-ins, follow the steps below. For background information about the available translations, their completeness, and more, go to the Eclipse web site.
1. Start Software AG Designer.
2. Go to Help > Install New Software, click the Available Software tab, and then click Add...
3. In the Location field, type the URL for Eclipse Neon-compatible language packs (for example, and click OK.
4. Click Refresh, select the language pack for the language you need, and click Install. Confirm the language pack to install and click Next.
5. Read the license agreement. If you accept the terms, select the check box and click Finish.
6. Restart Software AG Designer.
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