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Create Database Components
This command creates the latest version of the ProcessAudit and ProcessEngine database components in Oracle:
dbConfigurator.bat -a create -d oracle -c processaudit,processengine -v latest
-l jdbc:wm:oracle://DBserver:1521;serviceName=myservicename
-u webmuser -p w3bmpass
This command recreates (drops and then creates) the latest versions of all database components in SQL Server:
dbConfigurator.bat -a recreate -d sqlserver -c all -v latest
-l jdbc:wm:sqlserver://DBserver:1433;databaseName=webmdb -u webmuser -p w3bmpass
This command displays the database components that currently exist in DB2:
dbConfigurator.bat -a catalog -d db2luw
-l jdbc:wm:db2://DBserver:50000;databaseName=webmdb -u webmuser -p w3bmpass
This command creates the latest database components in DB2 when creating in ALTSCHEMA rather than the default schema for the specified database user:
dbConfigurator.bat -a create -d db2luw -c all -v latest
-l "jdbc:wm:db2://DBserver:50000;databaseName=webmdb
;AlternateId=ALTSCHEMA;InitializationString=\SET CURRENT
PATH=current_path,ALTSCHEMA\" -u webmuser -p w3bmpass
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