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Drop the Storage and Revoke Database User Permissions
If you have dropped all database components in a schema, you can drop the storage and revoke the database user permissions.
1. Start the Database Component Configurator GUI as follows:
On the Start menu, go to Programs > Software AG > Tools > Database Component Configurator.
Go to Software AG_directory and run the command
2. In the Action Type list, click drop.
3. In the Action area, click Component and select All.
4. In the Connection area, specify the connection for the configurator to use to connect to the RDBMS, as follows:
Do this...
Click the RDBMS from which to drop the database components.
Type the URL for the RDBMS. Sample URL formats are displayed.
User ID and Password
Specify the database user and password to use to connect to the RDBMS.
5. Select the Drop tablespaces and database user check box.
a. In the Admin ID field, identify the database user or operating system user that has database administrator credentials to drop the database user and storage. Supply the password for the database user in the Admin password field.
b. The next field depends on your RDBMS.
Fields and Entries
DB2 or Oracle
In the Tablespace directory field, identify the directory that contains the tablespaces to drop. If you specified custom tablespace names, supply those names in the Tablespaces area.
MySQL or SQL Server
In the Database field, specify the database that contains the storage.
6. Click Execute. The execution information is displayed on the Results tab and is written to the log file dcc_yyyymmddHHMMss in the Software AG_directory \common\db\logs directory.
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