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Drop Database Components
1. Shut down all products that are connected to the database components you want to drop, and back up the database components.
2. Start the Database Component Configurator GUI as follows:
On the Start menu, go to Programs > Software AG > Tools > Database Component Configurator.
Go to Software AG_directory and run the command
3. In the Action area, in the Type list, click the action to perform, as follows:
Drops the database components you select in the Action area.
Lists existing database components on the Results tab.
4. In the Connection area, specify the connection for the configurator to use to connect to the RDBMS, as follows:
Do this...
Click the RDBMS from which to drop the database components.
Type the URL for the RDBMS. Sample URL formats are displayed.
User ID and Password
Specify the database user and password to use to connect to the RDBMS.
5. In the Action area, select the database components to drop, or the products whose database components to drop.
6. In the Action area, select from the Version list as follows:
If you selected...
One or more database components
Latest. The configurator will create the latest version of the database component or of all database components, respectively.
One or more products
7. Click Execute. The execution information is displayed on the Results tab and is written to the log file dcc_yyyymmddHHMMss in the Software AG_directory \common\db\logs directory.
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