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Install the Database Component Configurator and Database Scripts
The Database Component Configurator and database scripts are available through the Software AG Installer. For complete instructions on using the installer, see Using the Software AG Installer.
1. Download the Software AG Installer as instructed by your installation email from Software AG to the appropriate machine, as follows:
If you are going to create database components...
Download the Software AG Installer to...
Automatically, using the Database Component Configurator
Any machine on the same network as your database server
Manually, using database scripts
A machine equipped with the database client for your type of RDBMS
2. Start the installer.
3. In the product selection list, select Database Component Configurator.
4. The Database Component Configurator has the default environment settings shown below. If necessary, you can change them as described below.
a. Go to the Software AG_directory \common\db\bin directory.
b. Open the setEnv.{bat|sh} file in the text editor and edit the fields as necessary.
Determines whether the configurator...
Writes execution information to the console.
Logs execution information.
Sets the log level to INFO (high-level information) or DEBUG (more detailed information, including internal processing and SQL calls).
This setting specifies the full path to the directory in which to store the log files. Make sure you have permission to write to this directory.
Software AG_directory \ common\db\logs
c. Save and close the file.
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