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Database schemas for Oracle use character data types. For character data types, Oracle supports the UTF8 and AL32UTF8 Unicode encodings. While UTF8 is CESU-8 compliant and supports the Unicode 3.0 UTF-8 Universal character set, AL32UTF8 conforms to the Unicode 3.1 or higher UTF-8 Universal character set. For nchar data types, Oracle supports the AL32UTF8 and AL16UTF16 Unicode encodings. The supported Unicode version for AL32UTF8 depends on the Oracle database version. Oracle database schemas for your products do not have linguistic indexes. Software AG recommends these character sets and sort order:
Software AG recommends...
Character set
Nchar character set
Sort order
You can check database configuration and session settings by viewing the SYS.NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS or V$NLS_PARAMETERS parameter.
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