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Database User
You can create one database user for multiple database components, or you can create a different database user for each database component. Later sections in this chapter explain how to create database users.
The database user must have the permissions listed in the file below.
Path to File
Software AG_directory \common\db\scripts\db2\storage\30\create\db2_str_c_ddl_user.sql
MySQL Community Edition
Software AG_directory \common\db\scripts\mysql\storage\30\create\mys_str_c_ddl_user.sql
MySQL Enterprise Edition
Software AG_directory \common\db\scripts\mysql\storage\30\create\mys_str_c_ddl_user.sql
Software AG_directory \common\db\scripts\oracle\storage\25\create\ora_str_c_ddl_user.sql
Software AG scripts require ALTER SESSION permission at the time of creating database tables. You can revoke this permission after the tables have been created.
SQL Server
Software AG_directory \common\db\scripts\mssql\storage\30\create\mss_str_c_ddl_user.sql
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