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ProcessAudit Database Component
If you installed the Process Engine, create the ProcessAudit database component.
The following write to this database component:
*Process Engines write process audit data for business processes they orchestrate.
*Task Engines write task audit data.
*Third-party products can write process execution data.
The following read from this database component:
*Optimize Analytic Engines read process data from this database component so they can analyze capabilities such as transition duration and write data about analysis-enabled processes, then displays this data in the Optimize interface in My webMethods.
*Monitor reads process data from this database component and displays it in the Monitor interface in My webMethods, where you can track the status of process instances, view logged values, and, in some cases, resubmit process instances.
*Business Console reads and displays process data from this database component so you can monitor process instances in real time.
If you are distributing business process steps, you cluster the Process Engines that orchestrate the steps. Create a single ProcessAudit database component for the cluster to share. Integration Servers that host these Process Engines register themselves in the shared ProcessAudit database component.
If you are not distributing business process steps, and therefore not clustering Process Engines, you can create either a ProcessAudit database component for each Process Engine or a single ProcessAudit database component for all Process Engines to share.
Create a single ProcessAudit database components for all Task Engines to share.
If you are using Process Engines, Task Engines, Optimize Analytic Engines, or some combination of these, create a single ProcessAudit database component for all to share.
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