Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products : Upgrading Software AG Products : Critical Factors and Requirements for Successful Upgrade : General Upgrade Procedure Requirements
General Upgrade Procedure Requirements
If you do not conform to these requirements, you will experience unpredictable results, possibly including corruption of your installation and data.
*Perform the tasks in this guide in the exact order in which they are presented. The task order is critical because your products have many inter-dependencies, including shared infrastructure and event driven architecture. Make sure to complete the tasks in the following chapters, in order:
*This chapter.
*Install New Products and Begin Migration.
*All chapters for your products.
*Migrate Event Infrastructure and Perform Final Upgrade Tasks for All Products.
*After you install the new products, you install the latest fixes (see Shut Down Software AG Runtime and Disable Windows Services). However, the upgrade procedure might take days or weeks to complete. Continue to check for and install new fixes regularly during the procedure.
*Do not start any new products before the instructions in this guide tell you to do so, or your database components could become corrupted.
*Perform the tasks in this guide for all upgrade paths unless the guide states that a particular task is required for certain upgrade paths only.
*This guide assumes you are using the same RDBMS in the new environment that you used in the old environment. If you want to use a different RDBMS in the new environment, there are special requirements that must be met before you can upgrade your products. Contact Software AG Global Consulting Services for more information.
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