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Testing and Troubleshooting
Testing can include the tasks listed below.
*Software AG strongly recommends that you upgrade in a controlled test environment and test that environment for proper operation before promoting to your production environment.
*Provision new environments to support the upgrade. Environments in which you conduct testing should mirror the production environment.
*Obtain test data from the source environment and establish baseline test results.
*Many upgrade issues are caused by forgotten environmental settings. Plan, document, and test these thoroughly.
*Identify test tools for unit, functional, and non-functional regression testing.
*Define acceptance and sign off criteria.
*Automate a core set of regression tests for the upgrade. Software AG recommends focusing your tests most heavily on product areas that have undergone the most change. The readmes and release notes provide all product change information (see Preparation and Planning for details).
*If upgrading to new machines, make sure connections and firewalls are open to back-end systems before starting any system testing.
*Use an issue management system to track defects and issues.
*If code freeze of the old environment during test is not possible, merge code changes from the old environment into the baseline and re-test the new baseline.
If you need help creating your testing approach, contact Software AG Global Consulting Services.
If you encounter errors during the upgrade, try the troubleshooting methods below.
*Look in log files.
Type of Log
Installation and uninstallation
new_Software AG_directory/install/logs directory
In a logs directory in the product file structure, or in the new_Software AG_directory/profiles/product/logs directory.
Data migration
new_Software AG_directory/install/logs directory and product directories indicated by the upgrade procedures
Database migration
new_Software AG_directory/common/db/logs directory.
*Go to the Knowledge Center on the Empower Product Support Website and search using keywords such as upgrade.
*Go to the Software AG TECHcommunity and:
*Join the upgrade discussion forum (Forums > webMethods > Upgrade).
*Read and share tips and tricks and other information in the upgrade wiki (Wiki > webMethods > Upgrade).
If you cannot resolve the problem using the methods above, contact Software AG Global Support.
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