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Troubleshooting Downloads
*Product jar files and product files downloaded from Empower are verified using SHA256 checksums.
*The installer performs a write check before downloading files. On some systems using Kaspersky anti-virus software, the write check might fail. If possible, disable your anti-virus software. If you are installing on Windows using SoftwareAGInstalleryyyymm.exe, try setting environment variable ZFUSION_INSTALL_ARGS= -skipWriteCheck and restarting the installer. If UAC is enabled on the machine, launch a command shell using Run as Administrator and execute SoftwareAGInstalleryyyymm.exe from inside the shell.
*During file download, activity might appear at times to stop completely. The cause might be that your virus scanner is scanning the files the installer is downloading. The download will resume after the virus scanner finishes scanning the files.
*If your network interferes with the downloading of files, you might have problems connecting to Empower or see error messages about corrupted Zip files. Try the following:
*Most download issues are caused by interference from a security appliance such as a virus scanner. Ask your network administrator whether he can make an adjustment to allow the download to work properly. Also check whether a proxy must be used to download files properly in the installer. Ask the network administrator to check the security settings for your proxy or firewall; they might be incompatible with the installer. If so, ask your IT department for temporary access to a port outside the firewall to download the files.
*Run the installer again, but this time select the Use SSL to connect to the Software AG Installer Server option on the Proxy panel, and select the Verbose logging level on the Advanced Options Logging tab. Using SSL may allow installation to continue despite security appliances because the streams will be encrypted; the encrypted streams should not trigger anti-virus, anti-malware, or other scanners. Also test whether your network is handling SSL traffic properly; public websites are available to help with this diagnoses. The verbose log will give you a great deal of troubleshooting information, but even if you cannot spot the problem, you will need to provide the verbose log to Software AG Global Support.
*If you have access to another network, try running the same installation on the other network. If the installation succeeds, create an installation image to use on machines in the network that is experiencing problems.
*If you are still having trouble after trying these options, contact Software AG Global Support for help. If the issue cannot be resolved after exploring all possibilities, or if you need an installation image urgently, Software AG Global Support can contact Software AG Logistics to provide your products on a DVD or through a private FTP site.
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