Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products : Using the Software AG Installer : Critical Requirements and Recommendations for Successful Installation and Uninstallation : Installer/Uninstaller and Installation/Uninstallation Requirements
Installer/Uninstaller and Installation/Uninstallation Requirements
*To avoid problems with shared system resources, run only one installer instance at a time on the machine. Make sure the entire product installation is complete, including post-installation tasks described in your product installation guide, and the installer instance is shut down before starting any other installer instance on the machine.
*To avoid product or file conflicts, do not run the installer and the Software AG Update Manager at the same time.
*Do not modify or remove files that are installed or created by the Software AG Installer or Software AG Update Manager unless specifically instructed to do so by Software AG. Do not modify or remove files from the Software AG_directory\install or UpdateManager directory; these directories contain important metadata that is used by the installer and the Software AG Update Manager.
*The installer installs a JDK for the products. Do not apply maintenance updates from the vendor of the JDK. If an update is required, Software AG will provide the update in the form of a fix.
*Only install products from a single release in an installation directory. Do not mix products from different releases in the same installation directory. Doing so is not supported, and you will experience problems or be unable to access functionality.
*Create installation images of your products and store them on your internal network. Create an image for each operating system on which you plan to install that is covered by your license agreement. Storing images enables you to ensure consistency across installations over time; the installer provides only the latest product releases, while installation images contain the product releases you download into them. In addition, installing from images helps you reduce WAN traffic and improve installation speeds.
*Uninstall products using the uninstaller that came with the installer you used to install the products. For example, if you used the April 2015 Software AG Installer to install products, use the April 2015 Software AG Uninstaller to uninstall the products.
*This guide provides general instructions for installing and uninstalling. See your product installation guide for additional, product-specific installation and uinstallation instructions.
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