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Select Products to Install
The installer lists the products you have licensed that are supported on the target operating system.
The installer does not distinguish among flavors of an operating system. Make sure you install products only on the supported flavors listed in the products’ system requirements
The highest level of the product tree shows product names and releases, while the lower levels show the items that make up or are related to the product. If you have already installed an item in the specified installation directory, the item name is preceded by the letter I within brackets (that is, [I]).
The installer can display only a limited number of lines in the tree at a time. To page forward through the tree, enter a plus sign (+). To page backward through the tree, enter a minus sign (-). To search for a specific product or item, enter S, then enter the name of the product or item. Enter S again to find the next occurrence of the product or item.
You can select products using the methods below in any combination. The installer puts an X in the tree next to selected products and items.
*Select typical development installations from the Typical Installations list by entering the appropriate numbers. The installer automatically selects the products that make up those installations.
You might not see the selections until you page forward through the tree.
*Select individual products in the tree by entering the numbers next to the product headings. Enter each number on a separate line. If a selected product requires other products on the same machine, the installer does the following:
*If you are installing from Empower, the installer automatically selects the required products.
If you later unselect products, the installer does not automatically unselect the required products. To clear all automatically selected required products, clear all selections on the tree and make your product selections again.
*If you are creating an image, the installer lists the required products and asks whether to download them into the image. If the required products are not in the target installation directories, you must include them in the image. If you do not, when you try to install from the image, installation will fail.
If a selected product requires other products but those products can be installed on a different machine, the installer does not automatically select or list those products.
When you are done, press ENTER twice.
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