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Change Logging Options
To perform the tasks below, specify the indicated parameters before the -console parameter on the command you run to start the installer.
-debugLvl level
Amount of information to log. Valid values are as follows:
Amount of information to log
Fatal only
Errors only
Errors and warnings
Errors, warnings, and informational messages (default)
All; produces a 10 to 200MB file
No information (that is, do not log any information)
-debugFile debug_file
Full path to the file to contain the logging information. The default is Software AG_directory /install/logs/installLog.txt.
-maxLogSize numberm
Maximum size of the file to contain the logging information, in megabytes. If the file reaches the specified size, the installer begins writing a second file (installLog_part2.txt), and then a third file (installLog_part3.txt), and so on, until it writes ten files (installLog_part10.txt). It then overwrites the first file, and then the second file, and so on. The default maximum size for the log file is 250 MB.
Writes logging information to standard out as well as to file.
Writes logging information to standard error as well as to file.
-debug level
Shorthand way to specify-debugErr -debugLvl level .
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