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Fix Installation from an Image
You can download fixes from Empower into an image and then use that image to install fixes on one or more machines. You might use this method in these cases:
*The machines that host the products on which you want to install fixes cannot go outside your corporate firewall (that is, cannot connect to Empower).
*You want to install some or all of the same fixes on multiple machines that are running the same operating system, and want to avoid the time required to download from Empower.
*You want to store a specific version of each fix so you can install the same fixes versions on multiple machines over time. Empower provides only the latest versions of fixes, so the version of a fix that is available now on Empower might be replaced by a later version in the future. An image always contains the versions of the fixes that you downloaded into it. Software AG recommends creating images to ensure consistency across product installations over time, especially if you have a long fix verification and promotion cycle.
*You want to make sure you can install fixes at any time, regardless of whether production servers are locked down or have special access controls.
You create an image by running Update Manager on the same operating system as the machines on which you want to install the fixes, connecting to Empower, and selecting the fixes to download into the image. You can choose the fixes from two types of list. You can choose from the list that includes all available fixes on Empower for all products you have licensed from Software AG, or from a filtered list that includes only fixes for the products in an installation directory you specify. In either case, Update Manager does not install any fixes on the local machine.
Images do not contain installation-specific options such as product connection values. When you install from an image, you provide the installation-specific options that are appropriate for the machine on which you are installing. In addition, the product installations into which you install the fixes do not have to be identical, so you can install only those fixes from the image that are appropriate for each installation. When additional fixes become available on Empower, you can add them to existing images.
Update Manager saves images as zip files.
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