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Software AG Update Manager
Software AG Update Manager is a tool you use to do the following:
*Install and uninstall fixes and support patches on Software AG products. Support patches include diagnostic collectors, test patches, and pre-QA fixes.
*Troubleshoot problems in Software AG product installations.
You can run Update Manager in graphical user interface (GUI) mode or command line mode. If you want to use GUI mode on a UNIX system, the UNIX system must have an X Windows environment.
This chapter explains Update Manager concepts and features. For detailed instructions, see the subsequent chapters in this guide.
Update Manager is upgraded on an ongoing basis. This guide is not updated as frequently. You might therefore find minor differences between Update Manager and this guide.
Fixes released after the Standard Maintenance period are only available via Update Manager to customers who have extended maintenance contracts with Software AG. Therefore you might see more fixes when you go to the Empower Fix Explorer page than are available to you through Update Manager.
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