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Fix Logging
Update Manager writes debug, error, and info logs for fix installation and uninstallation to correspondingly named directories in the Software AG_directory /UpdateManager/logs directory. Each log contains the entries for all product installations on the machine. For example, if you install fixes on an 9.5 product installation on the machine, and on a 9.0 product installation on the machine, Update Manager will write the entries for both installations to the same log.
Update Manager writes an audit log for fix installation and uninstallation to the Software AG_directory /install/fix/logs directory for the products on which the fixes are installed or uninstalled.
The most recent files are named debug.log, error.log, info.log, and audit.log. When Update Manager writes a new file, it renames the previous file to include a date stamp (for example, debug_yyyymmdd).
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