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About this Guide
This guide provides pre-installation, installation, and uninstallation instructions for Software AG products, specifically Apama, Terracotta, and webMethods.
The information provided in this guide for Terracotta and Universal Messaging applies to when you are using those products with webMethods products. For instructions on installing Terracotta and Universal Messaging in other contexts, and for instructions on installing products not covered in this guide, see the documentation for those products.
This guide is intended for use with Using the Software AG Installer . That guide explains how to prepare your machine to use the Software AG Installer, and how to use the Software AG Installer and Software AG Uninstaller to install and uninstall your products.
If you want to upgrade products, you must use the instructions in Upgrading Software AG Products. The instructions in this installation guide do not cover upgrades, so following the instructions in this installation guide for upgrades would have unpredictable results.
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