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Validating a Composite Template
After you run the apply composite templates command, Command Central validates the composite template as a first processing step. You can also validate a composite template before applying the template, using sagcc exec templates composite validate.
The validation of the composite template either triggers a new job, or gets executed as part of the main composite template job. In both cases, when you view the job (from Jobs in the Command Central web user interface), you can access a filtered default.log that shows only the validation report entries. If you set the log level of the logger to TRACE, the validation report also includes the full composite template with resolved reference values. For information about changing the logging level, see Changing the Log Configuration Settings.
Command Central checks the template validity as follows:
*Tests the connection to the product and fix repositories.
*Verifies the content of the product and fix repositories and checks if the products and fixes defined in the template and their dependencies are available in the respective repositories.
*Tests the connection to the remote nodes and checks if:
*The remote nodes are accessible over SSH.
*The authentication credentials for the remode nodes are correct.
*Platform Manager is already installed.
The validation of a remode node is successful when either the remote node is accessible over SSH, or Platform Manager is installed on the remote node.
*Validates the installation directory. Checks if the installation directory is valid and different from the installation directory of other Platform Managers installed on the same node.
*Writes the validation report to the default.log.
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