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Updating a Provisioned Environment Using the Same Composite Template
You can update an existing environment using the same composite template that you used to create this environment as follows:
1. Use a copy of the template files from your version control system.
Do not modify the template files located under the Command Central profile.
2. Open the template.yaml file of the composite template and make the changes that you require.
3. Delete the last version of the composite template that you imported in Command Central, using the sagcc delete templates composite command.
You can skip this step, if you run the sagcc exec templates composite import command with the overwrite parameter set to true. For example: sagcc exec templates composite import -i template.yaml overwrite=true
4. Import the updated composite template in Command Central using the sagcc exec templates composite import command.
5. Apply the updated composite template with the sagcc exec templates composite apply command.
You must always provide a complete set of input parameters to apply the template even if you are re-applying the template against an environment that is partially configured.
If Platform Manager is already bootstrapped and uses a custom administrator password, you must specify the custom password in the composite template nodes section. See the custom password example in Nodes.
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